“My players thoroughly enjoy the games - much better than picking two teams and just having a match!!”

How all your players can get more touches, make more passes, score more goals and enjoy every coaching session you run

A letter from Michael Beale, former Liverpool U23s coach and Assistant Manager of Sao Paulo FC

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64 Small-Sided Soccer Games - written by an U21 Premier League coach
The key manual to helping players and teams get better - faster!

From grassroots to the top of the professional game, small-sided games are acknowledged as one of the best ways to coach football skills and tactics.

Why use small-sided games?

  • More player participation
  • More touches of the ball
  • More passes attempted
  • More 1v1s attempted
  • More goals scored
  • More goalkeeper participation
  • No referee needed
  • No results recorded
  • Players take responsibility
  • Different games mean different problems to solve and skills to use
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There are dozens of coaching manuals out there that can help specific aspects of your game, but that's the problem:

They all assume you have the crucial basics down - the positive foundation to build upon...which to be honest, most teams just don't have.

64 Small-Sided Soccer Games is here to change all that. All while keeping enjoyment a central part of the game!

No coaching - the game is the teacher

I'm a firm believer in the idea that players learn the game from playing. I've designed these games to help coach players in every aspect of the game, from individual core skills, to team-based attacking strategies.

These games are tried, tested and proven with both grassroots beginners and top youth players in professional academies. They are designed to stimulate players and lead them down the most effective paths of learning.

Some games get your players working on passing skills in competitive scenarios, while others are more tactically focused, providing your players with the skills to see the opportunities before them on the pitch.

Players will develop core skills through the sheer number of touches that each game guarantees. At the same time they will develop "football vision" - the ability to see spaces on the pitch - as each game is played in realistic game conditions.

And because of the pitch dimensions, you can run several games simultaneously, perhaps focusing on different disciplines, so that all of your players are playing all of the time.

64 Small-Sided Soccer Games will give you an array of skills, techniques and strategies to give your team an edge.

So why not be grab yourself a copy of this unique resource?

About Me:

Michael Beale

Chelsea Academy Coach Michael Beale

So who am I, and why am I qualified to give you advice?

As a former Premier League academy coach I worked closely with children and young adults, developing talented players into the stars of the future.

My professional qualifications include:

- UEFA A licence

- UEFA B licence

- FA Level 2

- Sports Psychology diploma

- Sports Nutrition diploma

- Futebol de Salao coaching qualification

- Community Sports Leader Award

- FA Youth Coaching qualification

- FA Child Protection qualification

My coaching career has so far included spells at Chelsea FC Ladies, Crystal Palace FC Ladies, AFC Wimbledon U19s and Liverpool U23s coach. I am now Assistant Manager of Sao Paulo FC.

I have a deep love and enthusiasm for the game, and I'm keen to share my knowledge and experience with coaches around the world.

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Why small-sided games work

The inspiration for the use of small-sided games in coaching lies in street football and "kickabouts" on the nearest available patch of grass - small groups of players playing intense, high-tempo, skilful, competitive-yet-fun football.

Rinus Michels lifts the Euro Championship trophy

It's widely held that the practise was first adopted as a structured coaching method by the Dutch Football Association back in the 1970s under the guidance of Rinus Michels, the inspiration behind what became known as "Total Football".

The Dutch recognised the decline in street football and the damaging effect that would have on developing players in future generations. They formulated the 4v4 method as a response and it became widely known as “the Dutch way”.

Fast forward all those years to now, and the Dutch have produced some of the best football teams the world has ever seen, and influenced the likes of F.C. Barcelona - an amazing achievement for a nation of that size.

The legendary Tony Carr, former Director of the West Ham United Academy also tells of how, when he was a player at West Ham in the 1960s, the great Ron Greenwood used small-sided games at the heart of his coaching philosophy.

Greenwood produced players of the calibre of Bobby Moore, Geoff Hurst and Martin Peters - and Tony himself continued his philosophy, developing some of the best players in the modern English game - including Joe Cole, Rio Ferdinand, Michael Carrick, Jermain Defoe, Frank Lampard and John Terry.

Huge, successful names. All developed with that simple blueprint: the Dutch-inspired use of small-sided games.

Regardless of its origins, small-sided games work and more and more grassroots coaches and international associations are realising the benefits of the approach.

Simply put, players and teams get better - faster!

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What you'll find inside this manual

  • Exactly what it says on the cover: 64 small-sided games for football; one per page, covering every aspect of the game
  • PDF and spiral-bound - take it straight onto the training ground or print and distribute amongst your players and colleagues
  • Set up instructions listing equipment needed and how to lay out the pitch
  • Rules of each game clearly explained so that everyone knows what they're doing
  • Three illustrations for each game to help you and your players visualise the progression of the game

Here's a sample page:

Games such as "Target Man" (above) are perfect for developing particular aspects of play, whilst getting all players involved and improving at the same time.

Clever Design

I designed 64 Small-Sided Soccer Games with you, the coach, in mind.

Each page follows the same simple format:

Set Up

Short bullet points noting everything you'll need to run the drill - from the size of the area to the number of balls, cones, and of course players.


Each session is a game, so here you'll find each game's own clear rules to make it easy to understand, repeat, and enjoy.

3 easy-to-use steps

Painstakingly crafted for your ease of use, each game contains 3 crisp illustrations - one for each step so you can easily visualise the sequence of movements that are involved in each game.


Makes sure you can differentiate between runs, dribbles and passes in the illustrations.


Underlining what's happening in each illustration, my personally attributed captions explain what needs to happen at each stage of the session, and in each illustration.


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Just a few of the games included:

  • "4v3 (+1) game"

  • "Switch goals"

  • "1v1 continuous"

  • "Middle or wide advantage"

  • "Two goal game - Skinny pitch"
  • "Centre circle game"

  • "Passers v defenders - Rewards game"

  • "Throw to pass, head to score"

  • "Overload game"

  • "Four goal, half field and end zone"

...and 54 more fun and diverse sessions!

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You can buy 64 Small-Sided Soccer Games in two formats:

An A4 PDF document to store on your computer. You can help the environment by saving trees and using less chemical-based ink by only printing out the games you need for the day.

An A4 spiral bound printed report with waterproof covers for your bookshelf, desk or kitbag. Spiral bound means you can use it without having to hold the page open as with most bound books. You can copy or print as many copies as you like for distribution to your players and colleagues in your club.

Or, get both formats - get the best of both and SAVE money! Combine the benefits of immediate PDF delivery and the ease of printing individual drills with the practicality and durability of the colour printed version.

What coaches are saying about 64 Small-Sided Soccer Games:

Twitter testimonial

“Purchased this book last year. Now our team play like the Dutch #BestThingWeDid #middylads”

- Coach Billy Hilton tweets his appreciation

Lewis, Nick and their Whitchurch Sports Junior FC U7s team

“Myself and my assistant Nick Gwyther have found this book superb, we currently coach under 7s and the simplicity of the diagrams and the list of instructions has made understanding and performing the drills easy and fun with the boys. We have adapted some of the drills to suit our age group, but have managed to get the overall idea across to the boys.

We have been able to find a drill and work a progression into it every week since we purchased it, and have noticed a greater understanding of the game starting to appear. It has now become our best reference point, and we would recommend this book to any club, as it can be used from reception through to senior football.”

- Lewis Evans and Nick Gwyther,
Whitchurch Sports Junior FC, Bristol, U.K.

David Clarke64 Small-Sided Soccer Games is a brilliant book because the coach gets to sit out…the game is the teacher!

The tactics themselves are very simple - all the strategic work is done within each game, so everything the players face in small-sided games are encountered again on match day. Players defend in small groups, attack in small groups and experience transition. It means they constantly have to make decisions, and most importantly, learn from them.

Age appropriate sized playing areas are also considered, meaning players can rotate positions during open play. As a result, every move by a player with or without the ball is a moment of quality - every move matters.

The icing on the cake? These games are genuinely fun!

So if you want your players to look forward to training every week flick through the pages of this book: there’s a game for every outcome.”

- David Clarke,
Better Football Coaching and Soccer Coach Weekly Head Coach



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Tom (left) and his victorious L.N.E.R. Youth FC U11s team

“I am the Honorary Secretary for L.N.E.R. Youth FC. We have 23 teams at our club, ranging from U6 to U18; we also have 3 girl's teams and 2 Senior Teams.

Last Season I was coaching our U11's A team, I separated the pages in my book and laminated each page so I could take the pages onto the training field so they wouldn't get damaged.

We used almost all the sessions throughout the season and I think it paid dividends, the boys did find some of the sessions difficult at first but enjoyed the variety. As a coach, the most important thing is not to let the players get bored during training, and there is no chance of this happening with this book.

This season our team reached the Finals of the Middlesex County Cup, the Finals of the Harrow Youth League Cup and finished third in the Harrow Youth U11's Premier League.

Using this book has added another dimension to our training and would benefit any youth club or coach.”

- Tom Atkinson,
L.N.E.R. Youth FC U11, Wembley, U.K.

Andrew in action

“I have found the sessions incredibly helpful with my coaching. They are simple to set up and easy to follow for both players and coaches. The simplicity of the sessions allows you to get more out of them.

They act as a great tool for individual skills, techniques, and as a fitness tool and can easily be adapted for your players into functions and phases which I've found very good for coaching 11 v 11 football.”

- Andrew Homent,
Women's and Girl's Development Coach, London FA, U.K.

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“Would just like to say that I found the manual to be invaluable when it comes to planning my coaching sessions. All the small-sided games are expertly illustrated, making them easy to understand and put into practice on a training night.

I know my players thoroughly enjoy the games - much better than picking two teams and just having a match!!”

- Stephen Brown,
Manager, Lower Maze F.C., Mid Ulster Intermediate A Division, Northern Ireland

“I have used your manual for the Spring 2009 season for my U10/11 girls team here in Alexandria, Virginia in the Lee-Mt. Vernon Soccer League.

I found the manual very helpful and covering a range of skill level to fit my players. Since I coach in a rec league, I found the games that were less complicated more useful. In any event, the emphasis on small field, fewer players, helped keep all players active during each exercise. I found this to be most beneficial.

The girls definitely improved their skills as there was less standing around and they enjoyed the games more than the standard line drills. Also, mixing up the type of games and doing other exercises helped keep their interest.”

- Rick Gennario,
Lee-Mt. Vernon Soccer Club, Virginia, U.S.A.

“Great book! When ideas run thin there is always an idea within the book to help.

Also when I'm not available the book helps parents who step in to take a session.”

- Dave Edwards,
Ashurst Wood Juniors, West Sussex, U.K.

“I have just finished my first year coaching an U12 girls team (South Cave JFC) in the East Riding Girls Football League.

The drills helped me enormously and through a combination of these drills and tonnes of dedication and hard work from the girls, the team went from a run of the mill, average mid table side to a pretty formidable, well organised outfit that was strong across the whole of the park. The team secured the local league title with a perfect unbeaten record (Played 16 Won 16), scoring 127 goals all season but even more remarkably we only conceded 4 goals in return.

We have also performed with great credit at several top tournaments across the country, winning one, finishing runners up in 3 and only once failing to qualify for the semi-final stages - and that was on goal difference. The girls also finished Runners Up in the recent FA run National Youth Futsal Finals in Sheffield.

It's been a hugely successful season for the girls but if (at the beginning of the season) you had suggested to the players and parents that they were going to do so well, you'd have been laughed at!”

- Tony Grunnill,
South Cave JFC U12 Girls, East Riding, U.K.

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Dramatically improve your team's performance

As an experienced youth football coach, I know three things to be true about small-sided games:

1. They have improved my players' technique.

2. They have boosted our team performance.

3. We have a lot of fun playing them.

64 Small-Sided Soccer Games will give you a ready-made answer to all of your coaching issues. Not scoring enough goals? Use a finishing game. Need your defence to work more as a unit? We have defensive games. Passing not sharp enough? Take your pick. You could use a different game each session without repeating yourself all season.

Your players will love these games. They'll grow in confidence and maturity, their decision-making will be enhanced and their skill and control will be super-charged.

Try the sample page. Print it out and take it to practise. Your players will love it.

64 Small-Sided Soccer Games is only available here, so order now and take your players to the next level.


Michael Beale

Mike Beale

P.S. The cost works out at 42p per game! Unbeatable value by anyone's standards.

P.P.S. Don't forget, shipping is free!

P.P.P.S. If you're looking for even more small-sided games, take a look at 64 Small-Sided Soccer Games Volume 2 here!


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