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A letter from Tony Carr, MBE

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If you want to build a team of technically proficient players (even if they're not "Premier League quality") that can play the quick passing game that everyone loves to watch, Coaching Youth Soccer will show you the way...

Are you anxious about coaching soccer to children? Maybe you're already coaching, but sometimes struggling to get your points across at training?

Perhaps you simply run out of preparation time? Possibly you're feeling your sessions are getting dull?

Do you want a few new ways to boost your player's skills now? Or to help your players develop the techniques for seasons ahead? Maybe even the core skills for their whole soccer playing career?

Here's the answer...

Coaching Youth Soccer is for new and aspiring coaches of youth players. It is designed to help you build your players' techniques, skills and understanding of the whole game from ages 12 to 18.

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What is in Coaching Youth Soccer?

The introduction takes a brief look at what coaching is about. I discuss what I think makes for good coaching, how to identify faults and the importance of unopposed play.

We then run through the fundamentals of technique, attacking and defending, third-man running, wall passing and set-up play.

My success as a developer of youth players has come as much from my ability to assess young players as to give them new skills and techniques.

So, in Coaching Youth Soccer I outline the 6 fundamental attributes that I look for in the players I choose to join the academy.

The introduction finishes with a look at how I prepare my teams to play physically and mentally. Including those all important final words before I send them out on to the pitch!

Coaching Youth Soccer then really steps up a gear as you get the coaching drills and activities that I've relied upon year-after-year to improve the players I come into contact with.

In Coaching Youth Soccer you'll get:

  • 8 exercises I use to encourage and improve passing and moving in young players - the cornerstone of my teams.

  • 6 ball manipulation techniques that players of every level can master (and there's no need for outlandish moves and spins!)

  • 3 fundamental ball control skills that give players more time on the ball

  • 12 activities I use to prepare players for the demands of the modern passing game

  • 3 ways I coach players one of the most difficult - but most effective - goalscoring techniques

  • 2 activities I use to develop that vital goalscorer's instinct in every player - not just strikers!

In total, you'll get 91 activities to explode your players's skills and give them the technique and ability they need to take their play to the next level.

Coaching Youth Soccer is possibly the most comprehensive manual on the market.

Click on the image to download the sample activity

The training activities in Coaching Youth Soccer take the players' initial skills to the next stages. The activities allow you to reinforce the skills a number of times during the season – and for many seasons to come – whilst ensuring that training remains fresh and relevant.

It is, in fact, entirely possible to build a whole season's training around the activities contained in Coaching Youth Soccer.

Dramatically and rapidly improve your
team's performance

The training activities within Coaching Youth Soccer are full of fresh new ideas for squads of any size. They are designed to help you engage with your players and develop their core soccer skills…

… the skills they will use throughout their playing “careers”, whether that's simply for the season ahead or through adulthood.

Each activity has a clear objective and takes no more than a couple of minutes to set up. Leaving you more time to practice with the players.

Coaching Youth Soccer is a career's worth of coaching in one handy manual. Start using it today and:

  • Overcome your anxieties about coaching children, and the techniques and skills you never mastered yourself.

  • Make each coaching session fresh, effective and fun.

  • Keep your preparation time for sessions to a minimum.

I've spent years perfecting my coaching methods and I'll continue to work on them in years to come.

I want you to have the same positive approach to self-improvement so Coaching Youth Soccer is designed to give you a little leg up.

You get all my years of coaching experience, condensed into 91 valuable activities in a single book. Order Coaching Youth Soccer and you can significantly reduce the time spent trawling the internet for new ideas (a common trap that many aspiring coaches fall into) leaving you plenty of time to go out and enjoy the act of coaching!

Choose the format that suits your needs...

For your convenience you can order Coaching Youth Soccer in two formats:

A PDF document delivered by email. Save a copy on your computer or tablet and you can take Coaching Youth Soccer with you wherever you go.

If you're running late for training you can pick an activity or two on your commute home. Don't think you'll make it at all? Simply email the PDF to your assistant or a player's parent and have them take training instead! If you're an iPhone or iPad user you get free access on Apple's Newsstand. You get access to your activities on Newsstand even if you buy the print copy too!

A user-friendly spiral bound printed manual for your bookshelf or desk. The spiral binding means you can use it without having to hold the page open as with most "normal" books. In addition, Coaching Youth Soccer has plastic covers on the front and back to protect your copy from the elements. It's not going to come apart at the first sight of rain and it can handle being thrown in your kit bag with your muddy boots!

OR order both versions for best value. My special offer to get Coaching Youth Soccer in print and by email is excellent value. You get all the benefits of both versions at a fraction of the cost.

Order now to avoid disappointment

You won't find Coaching Youth Soccer in your local bookstore and it can only be ordered from this website.

Your copy will be shipped within 2 working days. Any electronic copy or App access will be sent to you the day of purchase.

Yours in football,

Tony Carr, MBE

About me

I was Academy Manager at West Ham Utd in the English Premier League..

In my time I was lucky enough to work with some of the best young players in England.

I was a West Ham youth player myself in the late 1960s, cleaning the boots of World Cup legends Bobby Moore, Geoff Hurst, and Martin Peters.

Injury brought an early end to my playing career but in 1973 I became Director of the West Ham Academy and since then I've worked with players of the calibre of Rio Ferdinand, Frank Lampard, Michael Carrick, Joe Cole, John Terry and many others going back through the years.

Over the years I have gathered a huge amount of information and experience on the most effective ways to coach soccer.

I understood from very early on that there is no substitute for organisation and planning. The key to being a successful coach is to combine your own enthusiasm and experience with the specific needs of the players you are working with.

Coaching Youth Soccer is very much in tune with my coaching philosophy.

What coaches are saying about Coaching Youth Soccer:

Coaching Youth Soccer is a blueprint for success in youth soccer, containing all the building blocks a coach needs to give his players the tools that will develop them to be the best they can. I highly recommend you get hold of a copy, anyone who considers themselves to be a good coach shouldn’t be without it. .”

David Clarke, Editor of Better Soccer Coaching and Soccer Coach Weekly

"Yet another high quality publication, excellent in both its design and content. This clear and concise set of practices and information will prove invaluable for coaches aspiring to climb the ladder to a higher level for both themselves and their players. 
I am particularly impressed with the simple yet effective session designs of Youth Soccer Coaching. It is easy to understand and follow and gives coaches the ability to improve their players regardless of age or ability levels. Congratulations to all involved."

Keith Boanas, Head Coach, Estonian Womans National Team

"Coaching Youth Soccer is a great resource that I would highly recommend to all coaches. It's clearly laid out and full of drills and exercises that are easy to follow with some great progressions to take things further. The sections are set out perfectly so that if you notice faults during training session you can find an appropriate activity quickly. Coaching Youth Soccer is a key manual to own."

Steve Watson, Editor of Footy4Kids

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