REVEALED! The skills sessions used at Real Madrid, Arsenal, Bayern Munich and many more top clubs...

Dear Coach,

Ever wondered what skills system the top clubs such as Real Madrid, Arsenal, Bayern Munich and Newcastle United use to teach their youngsters?

The answer is Coerver Coaching.

You may have heard of the name. You won't have heard of this new Coerver endorsed coaching and session planner!

My name is Alfred Galustian and I'm the Skills Specialist Instructor for the English Premier League. I have worked with the French, English, Japanese and Australian football federations, and some of the biggest teams in club football.

Now, for the first time ever, you can get a step by step guide to Coerver Coaching with my Coach Great Soccer programme. The five disc set of DVDs and accompanying e-book gives you a complete guide to Coerver Coaching.

It's a lifetime's worth of coaching to help you teach your players the skills they need to succeed at every level in the modern game.

“One reason that I was appointed by Sir Alex Ferguson as Technical Coach of Manchester United is because of my links to Coerver Coaching. I feel that the Coerver Coaching Program is the top way of teaching technical skills”

Rene Meulensteen – First Team Coach – Manchester United

Don't miss this superb opportunity to take your coaching to the next level.

Coerver Coaching will help you with all the following:

•  Make the game fun to practice and play.

•  Develop individual and small group skills applicable anywhere on the field.

•  Educate students in the technical skills of the game and how they can be used.

•  Develop ball touch and control, coordination and flexibility.

•  Improve decision making and execution.

•  Encourage a positive, attacking style.

•  Improve reaction speed with and without the ball.

•  Build strength, and stamina.

•  Encourage good sportsmanship and respect for all.

•  Develop self-esteem and self-confidence.

In Coach Great Soccer we reveal:

  • The 5 essential soccer qualities that will make your players the best they can be: on and off the field
  • The secret to using competition to produce match-winning players and instill the life skills that create well rounded players
  • The Coerver Coaching Pathway to Excellence – our proven methodology for developing players and teams
  • The three fundamentals that should underpin every coaching session and why sometimes you have to go backwards to move forwards
  • A coaching philosophy that ignores team performance and results to give players' the skills and confidence to enjoy the game and ultimately succeed
  • The 36 essential drills and games that, combined with the Coerver Session Planner and Matrix, will enable you to plan a lifetime of successful sessions



Coach Great Soccer: Deluxe Version. Coerver Coaching Session Planner 5 DVDs and e-book

(Charlie Cooke & Alfred Galustian)

My name is Alfred Galustian and along with Charlie Cooke, I am a co-founder of the world's leading soccer skills program – Coerver Coaching.

“Alfred is a specialist in skills coaching, if I had been exposed to such a coach and program when I was young, it would certainly have made me a better player”

Jurgen Klinsmann – World Cup winner – Germany

In the past 27 years I've worked as a coach educator with the French, English, Japanese and Australian football federations, and with some of the biggest teams in club football including Real Madrid, Arsenal, Bayern Munich and Newcastle United.

In June 2010 I was appointed as Skills Specialist Instructor for the English Premier League.

I have developed Coerver Coaching's new video and digital book with my fellow Coerver co-founder, Charlie Cooke (a former Chelsea player and Scotland international). We want to give coaches around the world the opportunity to learn what the top academies are teaching their players and to improve the soccer skills of youngsters worldwide.

Coach Great Soccer is suitable for coaches of players of all abilities and ages, especially those between the ages of five and 16, between which time young players go through the ‘golden years of learning.'

As well as benefitting your players, coaches employing the Coerver Method will:

  • Learn the secrets to effective skills coaching
  • Have more ideas and drills for their sessions
  • Help create fun and challenging sessions for the whole season

Why skills?

Skills are the building blocks of great players, yet many coaches spend too much time coaching tactics.

The result… one dimensional players that produce unattractive and, ultimately, ineffective football teams.

As soon as these teams come up against players of superior skill they are “found out”.

Hiding their weakest player in a crowded midfield suddenly doesn't cut the mustard – if only they'd spent their time making their weakest player that bit stronger!

But why do so many coaches get it so wrong, so often?

Most coaches fall into one (or more!) of the following common coaching traps:

Trap 1: The scoreline matters

A skills based coaching philosophy is not going to deliver results overnight. With the myriad pressures on coaches – even volunteer youth coaches – many think they can't afford to follow a skills program.

Trap 2: You can't coach what you can't do

Even coaches that recognize the need to follow a skills program and would like to do so, don't. They're held back by their own inability to perform the skills involved. How can they expect their players to execute a step over when they themselves cannot?

Trap 3: Skills coaching is repetitious and boring

My players aren't going to enjoy it, they just want to play games.

Trap 4: You've got it or you ain't

Lots of “coaches” believe that skills simply can't be taught. They look at the players on TV and think that they're born with it.

Invest in Coach Great Soccer and you'll discover why these beliefs are no more than myths.

•  We'll give you the conviction to introduce a coaching philosophy at your club that ignores the incessant calls to Win At All Costs with a style of coaching – and ultimately the quality of player – that will gain you and your team the respect of your peers, your players and their parents.

•  We'll arm you with the moves you need and explain them step-by-step so that you can show your players what they need to do with confidence. And we'll give you a set of homework assignments that allow players to work the skills through, building confidence on their own before the players themselves demonstrate the correct technique to their team mates.

•  We'll smash the myth that skills coaching is boring. You'll gain the knowledge to put together fun and varied coaching sessions that will keep your players coming back for more. Your biggest challenge won't be the number of players that want to leave your club, it will be the number that want to join!

•  “Messi is a one off. But I'm certain that everything he does can be taught.” Yes, I did say that. And, Yes, I wholly believe it. In Coach Great Soccer I'll show you why and how you can teach those skills to your players.

Introducing a skills based philosophy is not expensive as you think

Coach Great Soccer promises you a lifetime of coaching sessions and a coaching philosophy that will be the envy of your peers at the fraction of the cost of hiring a specialist skills coach.

•  You don't need any additional qualifications

•  You can learn from home so there are no travelling costs

•  You don't need to invest in fancy (or fanciful) coaching equipment – just a few cones and balls will suffice

I know a lot of top clubs especially in the UK that spend thousands of dollars hiring an expert – with Coach Great Soccer there is no need. For a one-off payment (from just £47!) you can become the expert.

Coach Great Soccer offers great flexibility.

Across three hours of high quality video we'll show you 174 variations that will form an unrivalled coaching library including:

41 warm up variations

34 speed drills

26 1v1 moves

46 group play variations and small-sided games

27 homework assignments

Working in tandem with the Coerver Coaching Session Planner you select the drills and games you want, taking one from each section to build your session. The session matrix allows you to easily construct a varied and challenging program for your players, progressing through new skills and revisiting and refining previously acquired skills as you go.

You'll see Charlie, myself and a number of our Coerver Coaches around the world running the drills and games with Coerver Coaching students so you know exactly how to execute everything.


Instant Access – anywhere, anytime...

What's more, all of the videos can be viewed on tablets such as iPads and you can view the eBook on mobile devices such as iPhones, so you can have the practices with you on the training field.

Plus, we'll send you our digital e-book of Coach Great Soccer. Combined with the video footage you'll have an unrivalled tool. Simply print out the pages you need for your next session and keep them in your pocket.

And when you're reading the e-book on your computer you can click on the links embedded in the book to take you straight to the relevant video clip. No more time wasted hunting around for misplaced DVDs!

Because the video and book are delivered online you can access it anywhere. So if you've got to go straight from the office to the training ground you simply log in, quickly view the video clips and print off the page you need. No stress, no panic, and you're still delivering a top quality session.


Don't just take my word for it...

Coerver Coaching has been tested and proven at the highest levels

“We at Arsenal are strong believers in the Coerver Program. We want all our young players to be exposed to it, so we have worked closely with Alf Galustian for the past 16 years to instruct our Academy Coaches in this Method”

Liam Brady – Academy Director – Arsenal FC

“Alfred's course at Real Madrid was very well received by us all, since our goal – especially in the formative early years – is technical excellence.”

Vincente Del Bosque – Former Real Madrid Manager and World Cup winning manager – Spain

“Alfred's Coerver Coaching training clinics in Brazil convinced many of us that this Coaching Method is not only for the young recreational players but also for the very best players in our National Team squads.”

Carlos Alberto Parreira – World Cup winning coach – Brazil

“The hardest part of football is the making and scoring of goals. I find the Coerver Coaching method a first class way to improve this aspect of the game.”

Peter Beardsley – England legend and Newcastle United Coach




When you invest in Coach Great Soccer you'll get access to the same drills and games I have employed with some of the world's greatest teams, including Real Madrid, Arsenal, and Bayern Munich. You can rest assured they work.

Yours in soccer,

Alfred Galustian

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I'm confident that you and your players will enjoy these games so much that I'm willing to offer you a full, 100% money-back guarantee.

If for any reason you are not satisfied with Coach Great Soccer you can claim all your money back.

If you wish a full refund, simply return the DVDs to us with a short note explaining that you wish to cancel. If you just have the e-book please send us an email indicating you would like a refund and we will cancel your Coach Great Soccer account.

There's no risk, no hassle and no questions asked!

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