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Football Coaches! Use my speed training secrets to make your players faster

dear football coach

Imagine how your football team would perform if every

player was 20% or even 30% faster on their feet.

How many more matches would you win?

What difference could it make to your players' careers?

Mike Antoniades, football speed expert

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I'm not just talking about faster running, but being quicker

on the ball, more reactive, better at turning and changing direction.

Read on to discover how you can easily coach these skills without having to read a

boring coaching manual, or sit in a stuffy classroom.

Faster and stronger like Neymar and Ronaldo

Over the past ten years top football players have become faster, stronger and more

powerful. We admire players like Neymar, Suarez, Ronaldo, Bale and Aguero

for the speed and grace with which they take defenders on with the ball at their feet.

Players like Messi and Iniesta may not have the same straight line speed, but they

all have the one vital component a world class footballer needs: quickness.

By quickness I mean quick feet, quick thinking, good co-ordination, good agility,

and the ability to rapidly change direction.

How to get explosive speed

Every team wants players with explosive speed and reactions – it can make the

difference between winning and losing.

The good news is that these skills CAN be coached.

Many coaches and trainers believe that speed is something you are born with rather

than a skill you can develop.

Not true!

Football speed is a skill, and just like any other skill, it can be taught, it can be

developed and it can be improved through systematic and progressive training.

Turn good players into great players

Average players can be turned into good players, and good players can be turned

into great players.

I know, because during more than 26 years as a professional coach I have proved it

to be true.

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My name is Mike Antoniades. I have spent most of my adult life working with junior

and senior football players to make them faster and more reactive.

I've helped some of the top names in world

football including Chelsea, West Ham, and the

US football team.

Unique speed
training methods

My unique speed training methodology has

been tried, tested and proven at all levels,

from youth to professional clubs.

In tests that were done with junior and

professional footballers, improvements were

shown in:

  • Quickness – in the first three steps

    (5 metres) players improved by 0.2 –

    0.3 of a second (up to 25%).

  • Acceleration – the improvement here

    was between 0.4 and 0.89 of a second

    over 40 metres (up to 20%).

  • Turning ability – players were up to 0.5

    of a second faster (up to 50%).

About Mike Antoniades

Mike Antoniades is a specialist coach for speed, power and rehabilitation and a qualified A licence UEFA coach, running his own consultancy in London.

Formerly a professional football player in Greece, his coaching career began in 1981 and has since spanned a host of top name clubs including:

  • Chelsea FC
  • Chelsea Academy
  • West Ham United FC
  • Blackburn Rovers FC
  • Fulham FC
  • Crystal Palace FC
  • Stoke City FC
  • Ipswich Town FC

Mike runs coaching clinics
and seminars on football
speed and the long term development of young players, in the UK, Europe and the USA. He also lectures at universities on rehabilitation and injury prevention.

He has developed a number
of protocols for speed
performance and rehabilitation, which are being used successfully by professional teams and private practices.

Now, for the first time, and because I'm truly passionate about sharing my

knowledge with coaches everywhere, my methods are available on a great value

DVD that you can watch in your own home.

My DVD is called Feel The Speed and will guide you step-by-step through more

than 20 clearly explained drills and drill developments, including how to coach:

  • Warm-up with and without the ball

  • Quickness

  • Footwork technique

  • Quick feet

  • Multi-directional speed

  • Reactive speed

  • Explosiveness

  • Speed shooting

  • Small sided games
With Feel the Speed, you'll discover methods and techniques to coach improved

speed, reactions and footwork with players of all ages, such as:

  • How to accelerate and decelerate instantaneously to get away from opponents

    and get to the ball first

  • Common mistakes to watch for and correct during coaching sessions

  • What to get your players to practice, how often and when

  • How to avoid "training boredom" among your players

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In an age where clubs are looking for ever bigger and stronger players, quickness

is what allows the small, skilful youngster to stand out and not only survive, but

thrive at any level of the game.

Create a piece of magic

Quickness is the quality that allows players to create a piece of magic or get

themselves out of trouble.

Speed coaching is not only for elite athletes. It can be introduced to children as

young as 5 years old to improve lightness of feet, grace of motion, flexibility, agility

and speed.

Feel The Speed will make it easy for you to coach speed technique and see

the benefits.

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What football coaches say
about Feel The Speed

"Awesome! Great drills, advice and practices. I will be using the exercises with all
our teams this season."

– Jeremy Becker, Head Coach, Columbia football Club, USA

"Outstanding! I feel very fortunate to have this and I will be using this with my team this season. The explanation and presentation was easy to follow and the corrections were spot on. I will be a better coach because of it."

– Terry Michler, Head Coach, St Louis, USA

"Excellent DVD, innovative drills and practices, I learned a lot and I will be using the exercises with the first team this season. Mike has the ability to pinpoint weaknesses and develop training programmes to make better football players."

– Kit Symons, Former Fulham FC Manager, UK

"Training for speed using his methodology has allowed me to develop potential that would otherwise never have been unlocked. In addition to the speed and agility benefits, an unexpected upside has been that injuries have been reduced."

– Paul Smernicki, Chiswick Homefields FC

"I watched the DVD yesterday and loved it. I felt inspired to go out and coach. The content and exercises were practical and straight forward and I will definitely be using them with my team."

– Steve Bartwell, football coach, London

"I have either read most of the books or seen most of the videos or DVDs on speed training for football and feel the DVD produced by Mike is the best and most innovative on the subject."

– Mick Critchell, UK football coach

"I can't praise the layout, content and overall value enough. It's one of the best – far and away above anything I have seen in over 20 years of coaching."

– Tom Scott, UK football coach

If you have ever felt that you could do more to influence your team's performance,

I'm convinced this DVD will help you.

Why not discover if it could be "the difference that makes the difference" for the

performance of your school or club players?

Like all football coach recommended training resources, Feel The Speed has been

written with a commitment to best practice football coaching techniques, and

designed as a no-nonsense, user-friendly and above all, functional tool.

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Feel The Speed is only available online and is available in DVD formats that will

work anywhere in the world.

Tried, proven and tested

I'm sure you know that nothing happens without hard work.

Without implementation and practice, my DVD in itself will not guarantee your

players will become faster.

That's down to you.

But these exercises and drills have been tried, proven and tested and I know

they work.

I'm confident that they are the best way for football athletes to become fast and

stay fast.

Make a difference today

Take the opportunity today to own this valuable resource and make a measurable

difference to the quickness and explosiveness of your players. As you know,

there's no time like the present.

Order now and make this purchase a decision to be proud of. You won't be


Yours in football

Mike Antoniades
Feel The Speed

P.S. Feel The Speed will make your players quicker and more agile, giving them the

ability to get away from their markers, or get to the ball ahead of defenders.

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