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Dear Soccer Coach,

You've got the players. You've got the tactics. You know what you're doing as a coach. What's the missing ingredient?

What's the final piece in the puzzle that will take your team to a level above that of your rivals?

Fitness Training For Soccer

Roberto Forzoni, fitness and performance expert

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Your players are skilful. They have good awareness on the pitch and can see the spaces and pick out good passes. They're well-organised and know their roles. But what more can you give them to turn them into winners?

How about:
  • dramatically improved change of pace

  • more efficient change of direction

  • speed

  • acceleration

  • deceleration

  • balance

  • quicker feet

  • increased agility

New DVD by Roberto Forzoni

Dramatically improve your team's performance with the help of an
acknowledged fitness and motivational expert.

If you haven't heard of Roberto before, you soon will. As well as being British tennis star Andy Murray's personal trainer at the recent US Open tournament, he's worked with some of the top soccer teams and sportspeople in the world (see below).

Roberto's techniques are a proven success and he's now one of the most in-demand fitness, motivational and performance coaches in world sport. In this new DVD, Roberto provides you with the information and skills to coach your players to a new level of fitness specifically designed for success in soccer.

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Chapters on the DVD include:

  • drills for foot speed and quickness

  • drills for lateral movement

  • combining movements

  • speed and change of direction

  • developing explosive movements

  • drills for coordination

The players working with Roberto on the DVD range in age from 9 years to 17 years and the drills and exercises featured are suited to all their needs.

The DVD is expertly directed and uses slow-motion, highlighting, close-ups and other production techniques to ensure that you completely understand the points being made.

The audio commentary by Roberto is clear and relevant and will help you in your communication with your players.

Motivate Your Team

Roberto's success as a coach is easy to understand when you see him in action on the DVD. He's a great communicator who finds it easy to get his ideas across.

It's this communication style which makes this DVD more than just a series of fitness exercises. It's a subtle thing, but Roberto has the knack of speaking to his players in a way which encourages and supports them, giving them the information they need but, crucially, the confidence and freedom to maximise the experience.

The players are clearly enjoying the training. Roberto doesn't badger them. He always uses positive language, even when he has to correct errors. He works through all the exercises himself first, showing the players what to do. He then keeps a careful eye on each player as they work through the moves, occasionally offering advice and fine-tuning their performance.

There's a great lesson here for all coaches. Attention to detail is rewarded by a dedication to the task at hand on the part of the players. This level of motivation is what we should strive for as coaches. Your players will respect you for it and will work all the harder.

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What soccer coaches say
about Fitness Training for Soccer

'In my role I am constantly asked which are the best soccer coaching DVDs. Time and time again I refer back to Roberto Forzoni's training methods. If you are serious about coaching and want to improve not only individual player techniques but also strengthening your team's overall ability I would highly recommend Roberto's Fitness Training For Soccer DVD.'
Sav Savva FA Coaching Instructor

'Fitness Training for Soccer has contributed largely towards achieving great results in my training sessions and the continuing development of all the players I coach.'
John Scott (FA Learning/ McDonalds National Grassroots Coach of the Year 2006/07) 

'The DVD shows how to conduct a perfect training session. Whatever level you work at you will find lots of useful tips.'
Colin Wren, Stockport

'After watching the DVD my team now respond better during my training sessions - thank you!'
Tony Hele, Riviera Spurs FC

'I saw Fitness for Soccer being shown at the Grassroots Show - bought it instantly, have since purchased the others from Roberto Forzoni.'
Steve Swan, Bristol, England

'With over 30 years experience involved in soccer at levels from professional to the youngest juniors, I have now become more involved in the coaching side. I use Fitness Training for Soccer by Roberto Forzoni which is absolutely excellent.' Bob Briggs, London

'I was lucky enough to be involved with many training sessions taken by Roberto while he was a coach at Brentford. As a player you enjoy sessions which are positive and worthwhile. The methods used are implimented in my game today.'
Jay Tabb, Coventry City and Republic of Ireland

'After watching the Fitness DVD I went straight into my next training session with new confidence and direction.'
David Hann, Stafford


About Roberto Forzoni

Roberto has been involved in coaching and performance consulting in professional sport for
more than 20 years.

A recognised authority on fitness, the psychology of performance, group dynamics, and soccer and tennis psychology, Roberto is a regular speaker on a variety of performance related topics around the world, and holds a lecturing position at Brunel University, consultancy with a Premiership soccer team and the Bromley Tennis Academy. He has recently been appointed sport psychology manager for the Lawn Tennis Association and has been working with British Tennis No 1 Andy Murray at the recent US Open.

Roberto started coaching amateur soccer teams in the mid-1980s. After a spell coaching UK non-league soccer Roberto was invited to coach Academy players at Charlton Athletic FC and later at Crystal Palace FC.

It was here that he first formed a highly successful relationship with Steve Coppell (now manager of Reading FC in the English Premier League).

After completing a Psychology Diploma and an MSc in Sport Sciences at Brunel University Roberto was invited to work at Crystal Palace as a sport science coach by Steve Coppell and later by Alan Smith.

When Steve moved to Brentford he invited Roberto to join as a first team coach and reserve team manager.

A highly successful season followed, ending with a Play-Off Final at the Millenium Stadium.

Roberto again followed Steve Coppell to Brighton and Hove Albion as first team coach. During this period Roberto maintained his personal development, completing various FA Courses, including the Manager's and Coaches Courses at Mottram Hall. It was on one of these courses that he was invited to be co-presenter and interpreter for the Italy national team manager Arrigo Sacchi (formerly of AC Milan), for lectures and coaching sessions. He was later invited to repeat this role with (then) Italian Serie A Champion's Roma manager, Fabio Capello. He was also invited by the former FA Technical Director, Les Reed (now at Fulham FC) to travel with the England U19 Team to Italy. The team included current Premier League stars Dean Ashton, Michael Chopra and Stuart Downing.

Roberto has since completed his FA Pro-Licence, the FA Diploma in Fitness and the FA Diploma in Psychology.

As a coach I know how important fitness is for my team. Particularly at amateur and youth level, improved fitness will make a huge difference to your team's performance over a season.

Why not discover if it could be "the difference that makes the difference" for the performance of your school or club players?

You have nothing to lose by finding out, as you are protected by our money back guarantee.

Like all Soccer Coach recommended training resources, Fitness Training for Soccer has been produced with a commitment to best practice soccer coaching techniques, and designed as a no-nonsense, user-friendly and above all, functional tool.

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Kevin Barrow

P.S. Still not sure? If you haven't already, take a look at the money back guarantee that accompanies this offer. I assure you this guarantee will be honoured in full should you be dissatisfied in any way.


Fitness Training for Soccer

Multi-region DVD

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