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Soccer Coach Weekly

Soccer Coach Weekly Soccer Coach Weekly

Hi Coach,

Do you sometimes struggle for fresh coaching ideas?

Do you find yourself going over the same routine, week in week out?

Or do you run out of preparation time, and give your players less than

they deserve?

“...the most readily accessible coaching sessions out there!”

Willie Root, Red Wing Soccer Club, USA

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Whether you are coaching

beginners or experienced

players, you probably have to

devote a large proportion of

your valuable time to

researching new ideas.

A weekly coaching session – by email

Here's a solution!

Let me and my team do the hard work for you.

Imagine, every Wednesday receiving in your email inbox a complete

coaching session in PDF format that you can use at a moment's notice

without any preparation.

With this unbeatable offer, you don’t have to imagine, you can try out

my sessions without any obligation to become a member. All I ask is

a small payment of $1 to cover our administrative costs.

Soccer Coach Weekly

Soccer Coach Weekly Soccer Coach Weekly

I’m so convinced that you will like them and be prepared to become a

member that I’m prepared to give away a free copy of The Ultimate

Soccer Warm-Ups Manual to

you. This manual has

thousands of copies at $47,

and is yours to
keep whether

you become a
Smart Sessions

member or not. For more details

see “Where’s the Catch?”.

“... a constant stream of new ideas”

George K. Ashison, West Metro U11 Girls Academy Coach, Atlanta , USA

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Soccer Coach Weekly

Soccer Coach Weekly Soccer Coach Weekly

Smart Sessions was launched back in 2006 and they have proved to be

popular with football coaches and players of all abilities in clubs and

schools around the world.

They will save you time

Each Smart Session has the information needed to run a full coaching

session of between 45 minutes and 1 hour 20 minutes, including

recommendations for a warm-up, the details of the main session,

development and game situation.

Two versions, both the same price

Core Skills: Core Skills are sessions suitable for coaching the basics

of the game to school children and club youth players, players new to

the game, and any players wanting to brush up their skills. They are

not suitable for children under seven.
Download a sample

Here’s just a small selection of Core Skills Smart Sessions from the last few months…

Individual skills

  • Basic ball control
  • Manipulating the ball
  • Short passing
  • The block tackle
  • The slide tackle
  • Effective shooting
  • Running with the ball
  • Heading skill
  • Distance passing
  • Hook turns
  • Goalkeeping angles

Team skills

  • Moving off the ball
  • The wall pass
  • Overlapping runs
  • Getting behind the ball
  • Where do we pass and why
  • Possession game
  • Passing and communicating
  • Effective crossing skills
  • Blind side runs
  • Effective marking
  • Build-up play

Soccer Coach Weekly

Soccer Coach Weekly Soccer Coach Weekly

Advanced Skills: Advanced Skills are for coaches of children or adults

who want to develop their skills further, and for coaches of

experienced players. They are not suitable for inexperienced players

or coaches. Advanced Skills sessions are more tactical in nature and

are designed to get your players using their skills in a more organised

team environment. Download a sample

Here’s a selection of Advanced Skills Smart Sessions from the last few months…


  • Focusing an attack
  • Defence to attack
  • Overload attacking
  • ABCD finishing practice
  • 2v1 hunt and attack
  • Finishing combination play
  • Three man attack


  • Continuous build-up play
  • Providing support
  • Runs past the forwards
  • Forcing the play
  • Small-sided games choices
  • Keeping the ball


  • Pressing the ball
  • Defending as a unit
  • Compact defending
  • Defending deep
  • Defending technique circuit
  • Covering defenders
  • Defending from the front
  • Delaying attackers


  • Individual defending
  • The two-footed striker
  • Shooting and reacting
  • Forwards pulling off their markers
  • King of the penalty area
  • Goalkeeper wars 1v1
  • Swerving the ball

Two handy sheets

Each session only takes 5 minutes to read - you can pick it up just

before you start.

You'll need even less time to set up as everything you need is


“... improved the team beyond belief”

Richard Harmer, Feniton Youth FC under 12s, Feniton, Devon , UK

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There’s a sheet that explains

the structure and set up of the

session and a sheet to explain

the specific drill and

developments to be used.

We strive to use the most up to date ideas and methods from our own

coaching experience and research of the techniques used by others.

What do I get when I become a member?

Each week a link to your PDF session download will be delivered via

directly to your desktop, allowing you to simply print it off and

take it with
you to the practice ground.

Soccer Coach Weekly

Soccer Coach Weekly Soccer Coach Weekly


So take advantage of the great deal I’m offering today to test drive

Smart Sessions without further obligation.


Still not sure?

You can cancel Smart Sessions trial at any time before your last trial issue and you will not get charged any further.

“Thanks for providing a service and product that is worth the $”

Gary Roberts, Warren Central High School, Indianapolis, USA

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You can keep the issues you have already received and any free reports with my compliments.

You have nothing to lose when you take a trial to Smart Sessions today.


Soccer Coach Weekly

Soccer Coach Weekly Soccer Coach Weekly

Join today and join thousands of other soccer coaches no longer

sweating over what to do in their next sessions.

Over time you will build up a handsome library to refer to whenever you

need just the right session. Start receiving it today and see the

benefits this season...

Simply click below to start receiving your Smart Sessions straight away.

Yours in soccer,

David Clarke

P.S. If you are still not convinced, please read the testimonials

representing thousands of happy soccer coaches who use Smart


Soccer Coach Weekly

Soccer Coach Weekly Soccer Coach Weekly

Order now and get your first session delivered to your inbox in minutes.

You will gain exclusive access to my proven soccer drills and get a free copy of the warm-ups manual when you take my $1 trial - AS LONG AS YOU DO IT TODAY!

  Smart Sessions Advanced Skills Smart Sessions
Core Skills
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