Guarantee more goals with 34 easy-to-use set pieces


Every soccer coach worth his salt knows that goals change games.

And there's no denying the fact that ONE THIRD of goals are scored from set pieces!

Here lies our problem as coaches - we OWE IT TO OUR PLAYERS to have set piece routines they can use in matches to help them be successful.

But getting hold of great set piece coaching plans is a problem for most coaches who don't have the time to come up with loads of new routines all by themselves which is why my new manual, The Ultimate Soccer Set Piece Play Book, is creating a storm in youth coaching circles!

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"But Dave, how will it REALLY help me be better?" I hear you scream!

Well, let me tell you...


As Head Coach and Editor of Soccer Coach Weekly, Dave provides thousands of subscribers worldwide with drills, insight, interviews and webinars covering all aspects of coaching. Soccer Coach Weekly is now in its ninth season with over 400 issues produced.

Dave has coached grassroots teams for 20 years, from U9s to U16s and has always had as his goal to help young players to be the best they can.

His qualifications include: UEFA B license and FA youth module 1, 2 and 3 qualified, the Coerver Youth Module, and he's been a lecturer and presenter for the National Soccer Coaches Association of America.

Young players don't have the power or years of training it takes... which means only one thing...

You have to inspire your players with great set pieces they can actually do!

And here is where my manual helps you be the best coach you can be!

Imagine having 34 different set pieces that don't rely on pure power or bending the ball.

Imagine having 34 different set pieces that are easy for your players to use, no matter their level.

Imagine having 34 different set pieces that are FUN and EFFECTIVE, that will get your team positive results on match day!

These are just a number of things that my manual can do to make you a better coach.

So don't waste anymore time - click below and get your copy of The Ultimate Soccer Set Piece Play Book now!

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But just in case you're still not sure, let me drill down to the specifics.

Below is a sample from one of the pages.

annotation of one of the pages of set piece play book

  You can use the title as your call sign for the play, or feel free to make your own.
  Here you can see when and where you should use the routine.
  A large image shows the set piece in all it's glory, in one flowing move. It's all annotated so your players know what to do.
  Here is what to look out for and when to use it!
  A rating of difficulty gives you an idea of the skill level required to carry it out.
  Here l pick out the pressure points. These are the technical elements of each set piece.
  Some of the set pieces are my interpretations of classic free kicks. Check out the originals on-line.

I know from experience that it's difficult to find set pieces that are easy to teach to my team.

That's why I've used my experience to put all 34 of these set pieces together, just for you.

Not only are there 34 set pieces, my manual presents them clearly and concisely - you'll easily be able to use these set pieces on the training ground, no matter the standard of your players.

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If you still need more convincing to become a better coach take a look at the 5 key reasons why you should have this manual.

5 key reasons you should have
The Ultimate Soccer Set Piece Play Book

  1. There are 34 different set pieces. These range from penalties, to throw ins, to free kicks and corners (the video of Notts County Ladies Team scoring a brilliantly worked free-kick illustrates exactly what your team could be doing if you use my manual!)

  3. They're easy to use - the illustrations and instructions are clear and concise, making each set piece easy to transfer to the training pitch.

  5. They're fun to put into practice for you AND your players, who will enjoy scoring regularly from them.

  7. The best thing about them is that you can use them with players of ALL AGES and ABILITIES!

  9. And to add even more fun, I've graded the routines so that you can start with the easy ones and build up to the harder ones to give your better players more of a challenge.

You have to watch this video...

Video: Notts County Ladies Soccer Team score their version of the "Argument" free kick

Notts County's Ladies Soccer team put Arsenal's team to the sword with a beautifully worked free-kick.

With two players around the ball, another of their players pretended to run up and wallop the ball, but instead the two around it took charge.

One shifted the ball to another, using the runner as a distraction, with the Ellen White turning sharply before rifling the ball into the bottom corner.

With the 34 set pieces in my manual, The Ultimate Soccer Set Piece Play Book, your team could easily be firing in set pieces like this to stun their match day opponents.

The Ultimate Set Piece Play Book will revolutionize the way you and your team approach set pieces.

Remember, you owe it to your team to be the best coach you can be - and set pieces are a massive part of any team's success as they will account for a third of your goals.

Don't waste anymore time - get your team practicing these set pieces today so that you, and they, can enjoy the rewards immediately!

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Good luck!

Yours in soccer,

Dave Clarke
Head Coach, Better Soccer Coaching

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