Are your warm-up routines a little stale?
Are your players bored?

Do you need some inspiration for the training ground or before a match?

dear soccer coach

Do you find that you use the same warm-up routines at the start of every training session or match? It's that old "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" trap. But many coaches tell me that it is the warm-up that prompts most of the "same old, same old" complaints from players.

You can build on a successful warm-up, so it’s worth investing in getting them right.

The task for you as a coach is to stimulate your players.

And that’s where The Ultimate Football Warm-Ups Manual comes in.

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What are the benefits?

If you can come up with a new warm-up idea, or even a variation on an old theme, you should get a more positive response from the players in the rest of the session. They will then be more likely to achieve your objectives.

The Ultimate Football Warm-Ups Manual is designed to break you and your players out of your old habits. By picking and choosing the warm-ups which most suit your players, and rotating them regularly, you will:
  • improve them physically
  • improve them technically
  • improve their decision-making
  • improve their problem-solving
  • reduce the occurrence of injuries
  • inspire them to improve their performance
  • build team spirit and understanding
I am absolutely certain that these warm-ups will reinvigorate your training and you and your players will look forward to every session. What's more, you'll have a lot of fun together in the process.

The manual features 126 warm-ups including:
  • Warm-ups without a ball
  • Agility ladder warm-ups
  • Warm-ups with a ball each
  • Warm-ups with a ball between two
  • Group warm-ups
  • Warm-up circuits
  • Pre-match warm-ups
  • Warm downs
Each warm-up includes:

  • a clear illustration showing how to arrange your players and the actions and movements required
  • a list of instructions for organising your players
  • what to shout- to help you get across the key action points
  • progressions to help your players take the warm-up to the next level

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I can't overemphasize how important it is that your warm-ups reflect real match conditions as far as possible.

It's also important to ensure that your players get as many touches with a ball as possible - that's why they're there!

You can also rest assured that I've taken full account of the latest thinking on the scientific and medical aspects of the warm-up and your players will benefit from increased fitness and fewer injuries.

Much thought has gone into the design of each warm-up to ensure that it is easy to follow and easy to communicate to your players.

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About Mike Beale

So who am I, and why am I qualified to give you advice?

However, my key youth development roles have included:

  • 10 years at Chelsea FC as their Youth Development Officer
  • 2 years as the lead youth development coach for a top Premier League club, where my primary role was to manage the U16s
  • My current role as a Premier League U21 Manager - since August 2014

My professional qualifications include:

- UEFA A license

- UEFA B license

- FA Level 2

- Sports Psychology diploma

- Sports Nutrition diploma

- Futebol de Salao coaching qualification

- Community Sports Leader Award

- FA Youth Coaching qualification

- FA Child Protection qualification

My playing experience covers all levels of the game. I was a professional with English Premiership club Charlton Athletic and FC Twente of the Eredivisie in the Netherlands. I've also played for a number of English Representative teams and US colleges.

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The Ultimate Football Warm-Ups Manual will become the only warm-up guide you need, and you'll be able to use it for years.

With sections on stretching and warm-downs as well, it's the complete package.

Nothing similar exists.

You can buy The Ultimate Football Warm-Ups Manual in two formats:

  • An A4 PDF document stored on your computer

  • An A4 compact spiral bound printed manual for your bookshelf.

Here's a sample of what coaches have been saying about The Ultimate Football Warm-Ups Manual:

“...a must for the coach's kitbag.”
Frank McLean, Ballynahinch Olympic FC, Northern Ireland

“A great one stop shop for all levels. The exercises are easy to follow and easy to expand on by adding your own ideas.”
Brian Hobbins, Dishforth AFC, UK

“Your manual not only helped me put a more structured warm-up and training schedule together, it also allowed me to have a Saturday off and my assistant who had lacked confidence to train the children on his own to then take a full session.”
Barry Duncan, Great Wakering Rovers Lions and Tigers, UK

“The manual has given my training sessions structure and planning, as well as making the players think and most importantly have fun. My attendance at training is at an all time high.”
Stuart Davis, Berkeley Vale Soccer Club, Australia

“I am a UEFA B coach and have been coaching for many years. However I found the Manual inspirational.”
Mike McGough, Racing Blythe Youth Football Club, UK

THE best training book I have. It's easy to use and my players love it. I show the players the diagram we are going to use, then we walk through it.”
Adrian Everett, Jex Rangers U13s, UK

“Great reference manual! Keeps things fresh and new. The kids get excited when I introduce something encourages creativity in me and in them!”
Elizabeth Noonan, Pittsford Mustangs U15s, USA

The Ultimate Football Warm-Ups Manual is an instant reference, all in one place, right at your fingertips, inspiration source-book. No more endless searching for something new to do in the warm-ups.

Running your coaching sessions will be easier. Each warm-up is clearly and simply explained, with illustrations. This guide is great for coaching beginners and experienced coaches alike. What's more, if you can't make a session one night and need to use a stand-in, you might tell them to use warm-ups 67, 94 and 103. Job done!

If you ever have to take regular training or coaching sessions you'll appreciate the sheer helpfulness of this resource. This really is a no-nonsense, user-friendly and above all, functional tool that will work for you.

The Ultimate Football Warm-Ups Manual is only available from us online so buy now and give your players the edge.


Mike Beale

P.S. There are 126 different warm-ups in this manual. You could use two different drills every week for a year and never repeat yourself!

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