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Dear Coach,

What's the biggest single obstacle standing between you and your determination to be a better junior football coach?

  • Is it a shortage of time to prepare for your weekly training sessions, given the demands of work and home life?

  • Or do you worry about your lack of football coaching knowledge and your limited previous experience of the game?

Well, here's some good news.

Soccer Coach Weekly is designed to help you overcome both of those problems.

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Soccer Coach Weekly
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David Clarke

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Soccer Coach Weekly
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Soccer Coach Weekly
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Or keep on reading if you want more details on this fantastic service for junior football coaches.

Here are five questions you may have about Soccer Coach Weekly :

1. What exactly does Soccer Coach Weekly do?

2. How can I be sure the advice is reliable?

3. How quickly can I expect results?

4. How can I be sure Soccer Coach Weekly is for me?

5. What do I get for my 97p trial?

Q 1. What exactly does Soccer Coach Weekly do?

Soccer Coach Weekly is an advisory newsletter delivered direct to your email address.

Unlike most football coaching information, it's aimed specifically at coaches of junior players from 4 to 16 years of age. And it's written by myself and other junior football coaches, with firsthand experience of the kinds of coaching challenges you face week in and week out.

That means the emphasis is very much on proven, can-do strategies for raising your game... and the success of your players.

Every week Soccer Coach Weekly provides you with practical tips and techniques to make your coaching more effective and rewarding for all concerned.

Just look at what you get!

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^Our coaching experts evaluate what can go wrong in training, problem by problem, giving you 2 solutions that you can use in training today.

All the articles are concise and to-the-point - and seldom more than one page in length. That's because we know that the vast majority of junior football coaches have very little spare time.

The last thing you need is pages and pages of heavy reading.

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^ In our Soccer Surgery, our panel of coaches fix the readers problems, Plus in The Big Debate, you tell us what gets under your skin, or what rocks your boat.

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So each article in Soccer Coach Weekly concentrates on the essential information you need to know. Plus, there are plenty of helpful diagrams and pictures to illustrate the important points being made, for example showing you how to position your players on the field, or perform a particular training exercise.

While it's brief, and quick to read, Soccer Coach Weekly covers a wide range of coaching topics:

  • fitness

  • psychology

  • planning training sessions

  • player management and selection

  • child safety

  • core skills

  • personal development

  • match strategy and tactics

  • dealing with difficult parents

  • developing team spirit

  • individual and team discipline

  • warm-ups

  • training games

... and much, much more.

Here are five quick examples of recent articles.


How to take the fear out of heading the ball

Lots of kids don't like heading the ball. And that's only natural. After all, why would you want to put your head in the way of an object you think might hurt it?

But if you don't learn this important ball-control skill properly, and preferably at a young age, you're not going to be much use on match day to the rest of your team.

Fortunately, at Soccer Coach Weekly we have a great training technique for overcoming your kids' typical ball heading anxieties. In just three easy steps, you can teach your players to head the ball with accuracy and confidence.

It's the perfect exercise for your next training session. It's tried and tested. And it's fun.


The A-Z of child protection

In this increasingly risk-averse world, the last thing you need is a parent threatening legal action because he or she claims you didn't look after little Johnny during football practice, or on match day.

So each issue of Soccer Coach Weekly looks at one aspect of child safety. You get practical answers to key questions like:

  • What are your primary responsibilities as a junior football coach?

  • Which are the potentially risky situations you should anticipate - and what proactive steps can you take to avoid them?

  • How do you spot potential abuse off the pitch, and what can you do in such situations?

  • What essential equipment should you keep in your medical bag for match day and training sessions?

  • What other sensible measures can you take to ensure that, should a child in your care be injured on the playing field, they can be given prompt and appropriate medical care?

With Soccer Coach Weekly in your kit bag, no-one can accuse you of not taking your responsibilities seriously.


"The dark art" of the quick, accurate throw-in

In youth football, nearly 70% of throw-ins are foul throws. The result? Your team loses the ball to your opponents.

To reverse these odds, every player on your team must be prepared to execute a proper throw-in, and get the ball back into play almost immediately. Indeed, such a sudden restart can catch your opponent's defence off-balance and greatly increase your odds of keeping possession.

That in turn offers your players the chance to get behind the defence and make a run on goal.

So in Soccer Coach Weekly we teach a simple, five-point plan for learning the art of the quick, accurate throw-in. Teach it to your team at this week's training session and you could be well on your way to dominating the next match - and the scoreboard.

Our throw-in training also includes a technique for increasing by as much as 30% the distance that your players can throw the ball.

Just imagine how disconcerting that will be to your opponents the next time you play a game...


How to referee the under 5s

Most qualified refs avoid this age group. It's just too demanding! So chances are one of these days you'll be press-ganged into doing the job - probably at short notice - simply because there's no one else available.

Don't worry. In Soccer Coach Weekly we explain some of the best ways to structure a game for such young players, bearing in mind their limited attention spans, their resistance to conventional techniques for restoring on-the-field discipline, and their tendency to charge around after the ball like bees after a honey pot.

And we tell you how to deal with the most common referee situations - handball, penalties, throw-ins and back passes - in a way that won't spoil the kid's fun and make you look like an ogre to players and parents alike.

Last but not least, we show you how to get the parents constructively involved, so they become a useful resource rather than standing around on the sidelines distracting you and your players.

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Building the correct skills base with your junior players

Some skills are absolute "must-haves" for any footballer, regardless of age. Indeed, they are so important that you need to give them priority. Because when you teach your players these skills, you're investing in their future and that of your team.

So in Soccer Coach Weekly we're currently running a series of articles on essential player skills. Each issue we highlight a particular individual skill and show you the most effective way to teach it to your players.

Sign up to our low-cost trial today and you'll learn these training techniques too.

And, should you decide to subscribe at the end of your 30-day trial, you'll also benefit from all these future Soccer Coach Weekly articles:

  • What should you do with substitutes who are not up to the standard of the rest of the team? Hide them or put them in the thick of the action?

  • How do you train players who have never before kicked a ball?

  • How do you deal effectively with unruly parents?

  • What makes for a successful captain?

  • How best to score from a free kick

  • Landing your corners on the penalty spot

  • Teaching your players penalty techniques for shooter and goalkeeper

  • How do you keep your training sessions fun, fresh and stimulating week in and week out?

  • How do you reverse a losing streak?

  • How do you coach unfamiliar positions you never played yourself?

  • How can you be a close mentor to the kids, yet keep a professional distance?

  • How do you gain the respect of arrogant young players?

  • How can you overcome your team being the smallest in the league and overcome other physical disadvantages?

  • How do you prevent interfering parents undermining your relationship with the players?

  • Tactics against a team that cheats

  • How do you discipline and control young footballers?

  • Making the most of the 4v4 training techniques that form the basis of Dutch Vision, the coaching technique inspired by the Dutch football association with Louis van Gaal, Johan Cruyff, Rinus Michels, and Marco van Basten

  • How do you use the team building process to develop the style of play, and achieve success?

  • Why coaching technique and inspiring the football brain is better than running sprints and laps

  • Using 3v3 for 4, 5 and 6 year olds to develop ball manipulation skills

  • Teaching communication on the field using terms like "man on" or "time and turn", and how your players should communicate with opposition players, spectators, officials etc

  • How can you teach crossing and finishing more effectively?

  • Give your players match-winning insight: what effect will the field have on the game? What's the best way to deal with wind and sun?

  • What can you do when the opposition's tactics mean your players are all playing to a different tune, for example they only have three at the back and your wingers cannot exploit the advantage?

You'll find all these topics, and more, in forthcoming issues of Soccer Coach Weekly .

What's more, you can suggest your own topics for future issues by emailing the editor with details of the football coaching issues that matter most to you.

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Q 2. How can I be sure the advice is reliable?

This question is of critical importance to any junior football coach who takes his or her responsibilities seriously. After all, you're coaching a group of youngsters - including your own son or daughter, most likely. The last thing you want to do is accept any old advice.

So let me tell you a bit about my experience and credentials.

I'm certainly no armchair enthusiast. Quite the contrary. My junior football coaching pedigree is a pretty distinguished one - and I have the silverware to prove it.

But it was all very different when I first began over ten years ago... which, of course, is exactly why I think my perspective on football coaching is so valuable to Soccer Coach Weekly readers.

I started out in 1997, trying to find my oldest son a team to play in. It wasn't easy; the lad wanted to be in the same team as his friends, but the problem was, their school had little interest in team sports.

That meant I first had to create a team from scratch, made up of boys from two classes. Then I set about coaching two teams (an A and a B) right from under 4 to under 12.

When my second son was 4, I did the same for him.

So I was now faced with the challenges of coaching two teams at under 4 and two teams at under 7 every Saturday morning plus match days.

It was a pretty hectic time!

Needless to say, by the time I came around to coaching my second son I had gained a much better idea of how to train junior football players - and I began to get the match-day results I was after.

I based my new coaching approach on a holding/passing game which in itself is based on the Dutch 4v4 system aimed at giving young players the skills to be good footballers, irrespective of their relative physical size and strength.

The results were impressive.

My team began to beat every team they played, and won the league against some big, strong competition. Even though my team was a small Surrey primary school, everyone began to fear playing against us and we came up against a lot of aggressive, pushy teams.

Today, my team still wins most of our games even though we now play 11-a-side in a big Surrey league.

I have just about seen it all, from my oldest son's first team which lost 7-0 in their very first game to turning them around over the season until it was them winning 7-0.

I know what coaches feel, what they worry about, what goes through their mind when they are losing, how it feels to win trophies.

I know what they need to succeed.

My mission, as editor of Soccer Coach Weekly , is to help football coaches just like me be the very best they can be - and in doing so save them much of the time, effort and sheer aggravation I had to go through.

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Q3. How quickly can I expect results?

Sign up for your 30-day trial, and you'll receive it within minutes of accepting our offer.

That means you could be reading our advice, and putting it into practice, as early as your next training session or match day.

Take the quick throw-in technique I mentioned earlier. It's just one of the highly effective training tips you could use to gain an almost immediate advantage over your opponents.

Remember: 70% of throw-ins at junior level result in a loss of possession to the opposition. So if you hone your team's throw-in skills at your very next training session you could be dominating match-day possession within 7-10 days - and perhaps even winning your next game.

That's just one example of the almost-immediate information advantage that you get only from Soccer Coach Weekly .

I'm confident of two things: (1) the sheer usefulness and effectiveness of our training advice; and (2) the ease with which you'll be able to raise your game.

Indeed, it's because I'm so sure you'll see measurable progress within such a short period of time, that I want you to try out our football coaching advice before you sign up to the full service.

In fact, you could say I practically insist on it...

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Q4. How can I be sure Soccer Coach Weekly is for me?

Soccer Coach Weekly is written by junior soccer coaches for junior football coaches.

As editor, I have extensive first-hand experience of coaching in the kinds of situations that you face. And the same goes for each of the expert contributors I choose to share their experiences with you.

The proof of this is in the reader feedback we've already received. Comments like these from junior football coaches just like you:

"I'm a busy person all week - I run a small company, the local village hall and recreation ground, have a young family and run a junior village football club with four teams in five leagues. I read Soccer Coach Weekly and think: "There's someone else who understands where I'm coming from. It's my language and it's the language of the sort of development I want my players to be coached, listening too"."
Nick Miles, Culm United Youth FC, Uffculme, Devon, England

"What an outstanding resource."
John Bardwell, Wexford Soccer Club 1997 Boys, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

"I have purchased many books on coaching, your material is up with the best of them."
Frank McClean, Ballynahinch Olympic FC, Northern Ireland

"I wish I had this type of advice when I was starting out in junior football coaching (over 8 years ago). It's ideal for outlining the approach to managing junior football teams."
Paul Norris, Woodbank FC, Bolton, England

"It's a fantastic resource and something I have waited for a long time."
Colin Hakin, Luton Borough Football Club, Luton, England

"The tips are easy to apply and remind us of the fun part of the game."
Xavier Fostier, Tilston, Cheshire, England

"I'm just starting out as a coach. My oldest boy is five and at the moment I take the Under 5s, Under 6s and am just starting to coach the local primary school under 8s. I think your journal is just what I need."
Dave Buckley, Malmesbury, England

But you don't need to take my word for it - or the words of these satisfied subscribers. Try out Soccer Coach Weekly for yourself for just 97p!

If in the next 30-days you don't see a marked improvement in your confidence on the field, and your ability to work with your players, their parents and officials, then don't take out a full subscription. It's as simple as that.

And don't forget, you've got a full 30-days to try before you buy.

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Q5. What do I get for my 97p trial?

To start your 30-day trial, click on the link below now. A trial membership is just 97p through your credit card.

This nominal payment is simply to cover our administration costs for delivering your first trial issues. (We rely on private membership subscriptions only. We receive no grants or aid from any government department or sports coaching organisation.)

When you take a 97p trial, you'll get the following:

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  • The current info-packed issue of Soccer Coach Weekly will be sent direct to your inbox - bursting with expert training tips and techniques you can use straight away.

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Yours in football

David Clarke, Head Coach

P.S. Just think how much time and effort you'll now save each week, simply by using our carefully-selected junior football coaching tips. No more searching the Internet to find something to do with your team on the weekend. And no more worrying about whether your coaching is up to scratch. It's all taken care of for you - courtesy of Soccer Coach Weekly.

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